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the best way to avoid online purchasing confusion

Online Store Tips - Website Tips Perth WA

For all my online store people… SIZE DOES MATTER!! So thought I would provide some tips on the best way to avoid online purchasing confusion.

When I first saw a picture of Mr Ed here, I thought he was a lovely little ornament I could put on my bookshelf. I wasn’t expecting him to be a life-sized model coming in at 2m H x 2.29m L, like his brushed gold cousin here!! It would have been pretty funny having this guy delivered ????⁣ Oh dear.

It seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes product pics (no matter how good they are) can be deceiving when it comes to size/fit, so when creating your product pages, it’s always a good idea to include:⁣

  • Measurements, dimensions, weight etc.⁣
  • Correct colours, fabrics, materials etc. ⁣
  • Any detail you can provide, things like pattern types or handmade discrepancies etc. ⁣
  • Include any customisation options your product may have and the best way to select these options or who to get in touch with
  • Make sure your pictures are quality and high res (but don’t forget to compress before you load onto your website – more info on this can be found here)
  • BONUS TIP – using pictures of your product in action is really hot right now!

More is more, and the benefits of having these details outweigh the negatives and these details help you (and all parties involved) avoid online purchasing confusion. Other benefits include being able to offer accurate and the best shipping rate to your customers, it reduces confusion when items arrive. It also reduces costs involved with having to refund/return items… and I’m sure we’ve all read a story or two about things that arrive in the post not as expected! ⁣

Anyhoo, some food for thought, hope you’re all having a fab day! If you would like to know more about how to get the most out of your product pages, get in touch!

Michelle x

PS. The horse is stunning too! You can check him out here.

Online Store Tips - Website Tips Perth WA


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